Our Mission

We are a group of people inspired by a truly remarkable person, Kevin Garcia. Kevin did not have money, power or fame, but he had great influence through his ability to touch each and every person. Kevin gave his all to help family, friends, and strangers. Whether he helped with hurricane preparations, comforting someone mourning a painful loss, spreading laughter through his stories, or even helping a little boy make sandcastles, Kevin truly cared about every person he met. He was humble, kind, understanding, generous and loving, all the things we strive to be.

Kevin was 17 years old when he passed away December 9, 2008. Rather than receiving flowers at his funeral, we collected toys as a truer commemoration of his spirit. Since that initial toy drive, we have expanded our reach by hosting annual toy drives, sponsoring children with life-threatening medical conditions, and establishing the Kevin Garcia Scholarship. The truest testament to Kevin’s legendary love is the foundation’s continued support by those that knew him and those who have come to learn who he was.


Kevin’s Story

In his English class, Kevin Garcia was asked to write an essay about who he would be if he could be anyone in history and why. His answers was Elivs Presley, and his reason was quoted from on of his favorite childhood movies, The Sandlot: “Heros are

remembered, but legends never die.”

Establishing the Kevin Garcia Foundation is our next step i1198_43784287107_953_nn spreading the legend of Kevin’s love, hope and joy to as many people as possible. Kevin did not have money, power or fame, but he had what every human aspires to achieve in lifetime: The ability to touch another person’s soul. Kevin gave his all to help family & friends, as much as humanly possible. Whether it was helping put up hurricane shutters for his grandparents, giving a parent a hug of comfort when facing a painful loss, brightening a brother or friend’s day with a funny story or making sandcastles for a little boy on the beach, Kevin truly cared and loved every person he met. Kevin was humble, kind, understanding, generous and loving; he exemplified the meaning of noble spirit.

Kevin was 17 years old when he passed away December 9, 2008 and despite the devastating grief, his generous and loving spirit inspired us to have a toy collection at his funeral. Since then, the tradition has continued and every year the Kevin Garcia Foundation hosts an annual Christmas Party/Toy Drive to collect new, unwrapped toys for children at Joe DiMaggio and Ronald McDonald House.

In the Spring of 2009, we established the Kevin Garcia Athletic Scholarship, awarding college bound students who demonstrated superior academic, community service and athletic achievements. Scholarships have been awarded to high school students of Charles W. Flanagan High School, Western High School, Archbishop McCarthy and Monsignor Pace.

In addition to helping our local children’s hospital, and high school students, the foundation has sponsored nonprofit organizations, Amigos For Kids, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the International Kids Fund.

The true testament to Kevin’s legend is apparent in the love, hope & joy that people continue to demonstrate with their support of his foundation. On behalf of Kevin Garcia, thank you for spreading love.


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